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Research fields





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von Kármán Laboratory

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  • physics of systems subjected to parameter drift

  • climate dynamics

  • environmental fluid dynamics and related laboratory experiments

  • numerical investigations of particle advection,  spreading of pollutants

  • the dynamics of inertial particles, reactions in flows

  • transport and irreversibility from a chaotic point of view

  • nonlinear phenomena, chaos and transient chaos, fractals

  • statistical physics, stochastic processes, non-equilibrium potentials


Hungarian NSF (OTKA) grants

44839 (2003-2006) Dinamics of structures in systems with large degress offreedom (high energy and classical macroscopic processes)

47233 (2004-2008) Environmental flows and reactions

72037 (2008-2011) Physical mechanisms underlying atmospheric and oceaniccurrents, on local and global scales

100296 (2012-2016) Physical mechanisms of global environmental processes

125171 (2017-2023) Ensemble approach in climate dynamics andnonequilibrium processes


Humboldt Research Award (2011-2017)

Certificate and Laudation

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